Monday, January 28, 2008

The Sheeps

Hey everyone,

I have a new band called The Sheeps. We're playing our first show this Wednesday night at the Carousel Lounge here in Austin. It's in what a friend of mine just called a "stabby" part of town. So it should be fun.

We also just got started recording a demo to use to get other shows. We got six songs down, which is nice. I've posted a few of the rough mixes on our brand new myspace page at here. Keep in mind they're super rough, missing backing vocals, tamborine, etc. But I think we're on the road to something good. Check back in about a week and a half and final mixes will probably be up.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret is about a boy in Paris named Hugo (of course) who lives in a train station, and how his life gets mysteriously intertwined with a toy store owner and a little girl. Plus, it features a creepy writing automaton, a wind up person who runs like a clock. So you can't beat that. Creepy and cool, with lots of atmosphere, this book is really tightly written and really well done. It's also worth buying because it tells it's story through images, words, and even film images in a really unique way. It's a beautiful book that feels old and new at the same time. Bound in black, with black borders around all the pages, it really just feels great to hold. Read it! For some reason, you'll find it in the young adult section, but it's really a good book for anyone.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A guide to using words that Robin made up.

Bingo Bongo. Used in place of a word you don't feel like saying, mostly to let everyone know you're about to slip into crazy mode. For example: "Oh, It's time to brush my teeth", becomes "Oh, It's time to brush my bingo bongo". Follow with insane laughter.

T-Wubbity. Use this word like you would use the word "Geronimo!". It's perfect for yelling right before you jump on your Dad's kidneys with your hard sole shoes.

Knee-dy. This is the word you yell when you have gone completely insane, and no amount of consoling or reprimanding will get you to settle down and go to sleep. It is best accompanied by entering "ragdoll" mode, all muscles going completely floppy as you flip around the bed, injuring yourself and others.

and, a new addition, as of yesterday... Rocketdog. I'm not entirely sure what this word means, or even if I got the syllables right, but by using context clues I know that this is a phrase you screech at full volume, louder and higher pitched than you have ever yelled before. It is only used when you want to scare off a stuffed animal that you're pretending is a monster. It's apparently also very hilarious, because you always follow it with an uncontrolled burst of laughter.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

All a part of God's plan...

The other night Robin got out of the tub in a hyper-excited state and yelled:

"Jesus made me CRAZY!!"

I said, "Don't you mean sugar? Sugar makes you crazy?" (Because that's what we're always telling her when she wants a fifth cookie).

She said, "No, Jesus made me crazy."