Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Robin to Robin

Robin likes to talk pretty much all the time now. In fact, if we aren't talking to her, she'll carry on an entire conversation by herself. This is a snippet from last night's self conversation while I was putting on her pajamas.

ROBIN: (singing) When I was a boy...

ROBIN: But you're not a boy.

ROBIN: Oh, right. Right. But I am a pirate.

ROBIN: But pirates don't wear pajamas.


She's also lately been known to refer to Erin as "Captain Mommy" and Lucy as both "Mr. Lucy" and "Uncle Lucy".

All of which she finds pretty amusing. Which I guess it is.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ten Reasons the Forbes should move to Austin

So, my friend Brandon recently said that he and his wife Sarah are trying to figure out where they should live when she gets out of grad school. So this is my formal proposal to Brandon that they should move to Austin. The only logical place for them to live. Think of this as a mathmatical proof that will prove 100% sound.

1. Alamo Drafthouse. Ok, Brandon I know you love movies. This is constantly rated the best movie theater in America. Their popcorn is the best around and their hamburgers are awesome. And there are 3 of them in Austin. They take movies seriously and they have a full staff of movie nerds making sure you have the optimal nerd experience. Let me clairfy how awesome it is: Every year, they have a Lord of the Rings Feast, where they show all three LOTR movies, and serve a huge meal that corresponds to the food eaten in Middle Earth, even down to Middle Earth brew. Also, not only does it get every other movie you would ever want to see, but they also always get the people who make the movies to come and talk about them. Will Ferrell was here for Semi Pro. Simon Pegg and gang were here for Hot Fuzz. For Nacho Libre they had a live wrestling pre show. For Transformers, freakin' RoboSaurus was in the parking lot eating cars and breathing fire. Ok, for me, that's enough reason to live here, but here's more:

2. The only thing anybody ever eats here is delicious tacos and delicious BBQ. The best kinds of both. Even for breakfast.

3. I know you like music. Well, SXSW just happened and every band you like or are about to like were here, playing free shows. Last year I walked across the street from work and Midlake was playing. I walked to the other side of the street and Sparklehorse was playing. I walked to a BBQ place and saw the entire Merge roster play. Then I walked downtown and saw Daniel Johnston. It pretty much rules.

4. Oh, yeah, also Austin City Limits happens here (duh) and every band you like shuts down the town and fills up Zilker Park, rocking for three days.

5. While I mention it, Zilker Park rules, it has a huge frisbee golf course, a giant spring water cooled pool and miles of trails. Plus, just about every park here (there are a ton) has a frisbee golf course, and I know you like that.

6. This is the geek capitol of the world. You know Aintitcoolnews is from here. Well, imagine a town where everyone loves music and star wars as much as you. You can debate the atmosphere of Mon Calamari vs. Hoth with even casual passer by.

7. I built a rock shed in my backyard, and my neighbors don't care. Possibly because some of them have their own rocksheds.

8. This one's for Sarah: You're going to be an architect, well, this town has the coolest houses you will see outside of LA. Everyone's building their own (green) places and having folks like you design funky stuff right in the middle of town. You're much more likely to have cool design projects here then you are in, say, Durham.

9. This one's for Sarah, too: I remember your ambition to own a pool. Well, it's kind of hard to find a house here with out a pool. Did I mention it's hardly ever cold? And it's not unusual to go swimming in the Zilker Springs in December?

10. Erin and I live here. And I bought a Wii.

So, what are you waiting for? Let me know when you want me to start looking for houses.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New TV show idea? Maybe sleep on it first.

Erin and I just sat down a minute ago for some post-putting the kids down random TV watching. You never win if you sit down to watch TV without a plan. You always lose. That's how we discovered this new show, Sleep On It.

It's terrible. SOOOO BORING. A show where you watch normal every day people spent ONE night... in a DIFFERENT HOUSE! Not a haunted house, or even an 1800s house, or a house with trap doors of any kind... just a different house. The catch is supposed to be that they're thinking about buying it. WOW! The big drama this episode was that the husband hears a sound during the night.They thought maybe it was the water coming on. Yep. That'll be basically what happens every riveting episode, so hang on tight folks. WHAT WAS THAT? Oh, it was the AC. Good night.

Final Mixes of Sheeps songs are up

You can hear them here.

We've still got to master them, but this is pretty close to done. I think they've gotten a lot better since our last posting.