Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New TV show idea? Maybe sleep on it first.

Erin and I just sat down a minute ago for some post-putting the kids down random TV watching. You never win if you sit down to watch TV without a plan. You always lose. That's how we discovered this new show, Sleep On It.

It's terrible. SOOOO BORING. A show where you watch normal every day people spent ONE night... in a DIFFERENT HOUSE! Not a haunted house, or even an 1800s house, or a house with trap doors of any kind... just a different house. The catch is supposed to be that they're thinking about buying it. WOW! The big drama this episode was that the husband hears a sound during the night.They thought maybe it was the water coming on. Yep. That'll be basically what happens every riveting episode, so hang on tight folks. WHAT WAS THAT? Oh, it was the AC. Good night.

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