Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Robin to Robin

Robin likes to talk pretty much all the time now. In fact, if we aren't talking to her, she'll carry on an entire conversation by herself. This is a snippet from last night's self conversation while I was putting on her pajamas.

ROBIN: (singing) When I was a boy...

ROBIN: But you're not a boy.

ROBIN: Oh, right. Right. But I am a pirate.

ROBIN: But pirates don't wear pajamas.


She's also lately been known to refer to Erin as "Captain Mommy" and Lucy as both "Mr. Lucy" and "Uncle Lucy".

All of which she finds pretty amusing. Which I guess it is.

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shannon said...

Ah, I just invited Robin and Lucy by voicemail to Cavan's pirate party in May. . . Captain Mommy would be an honored guest, of course.
Cavan does this same thing but he just started! He had two sticks talking dramatic language from one to the other - you were not telling the truth
-no, you should not have said that
-i am a better faster guy than you
-I am nicer
and it always ends in a big AH!! and everbody falls and then some other stick or leaf has to come rescue everybody.