Tuesday, September 30, 2008

America, We're Dumb Enough!

So, this whole economic crisis thing... I have a theory. I think, collectively, we're dumb enough to make it through. Here's a quote from CNN concerning the proposed bailout:

"The Chicago PMI, a key manufacturing read, fell to 56.7 in September from 57.9 in the prior month. However, the decline was smaller than economists were expecting. Any reading over 50 suggests growth."

What? I don't understand any of that. What happened? How does our economy even work? Should I buy that extra piece of cinnamon swirl cake with my frappacino? Do I refrain from purchasing the 227: Complete Series Box Set on DVD with my credit card? I don't know. I wager the majority of the American populace doesn't know either. And that's exactly my point. We're dumb enough to plow ahead blindly. We'll keep buying cookies, boats and orange Crocs and America will prosper.

Or will we? See, I really don't know. Maybe we should all cut back on cookies this month. Maybe that's the answer. Let's all consume three less cookies and maybe this thing will sort itself out. See, even in my proposed solutions, I'm proving my point. We're totally dumb enough.

I guess, in a way, that was also the point behind the movie Forrest Gump. Forrest represented America, and how simple and innocently we as a nation blustered our way through time to greatness, unaware. (The ironic part about that is, of course, most people who loved that movie didn't care about that underlying subtext, they just like to hear Tom Hanks talk funny about Shrimp. Again, proving my point.)

I'm not trying to be cynical or ironic here. I think I'm just trying to say we shouldn't panic, we should just keep trucking on. With caution, sure, but let's don't get too smart about the situation and start day trading our 401 k futures or whatever.

And for the record, I think the bailout just sounds like a bad idea. It screams "Quick Solution Without Regard to Consequence" to me. Like sugar-free Donuts. It sounds good, but there's no way it can be made up of anything good for you, and you'll probably pay for it later.


Big Cougar said...

Wes, I really like your three less cookie plan for America. I kind of need to cut out the calories anyway. Hey, any chance you can get me a job at GSD&M in Chicago?!?

David said...

There's no place like home,
with your family around you
you're never alone.

Davis said...

I am fundamentally opposed to this cookie conservation plan, and, if elected, I promise at least 3 more cookies per month for everyone. Now is not the time for caution! To stimulate this economy, we MUST insert liquidity into the cookie market, and I'm not against federal cookie subsidies and federal insurance for your cookie investments, if necessary. To sum up: mmmm... tax-funded cookies.

Angela said...

Wes, I totally agree. Ren and I were just saying that last night. Let's just hold up, people. What's the rush? Why panic? Decisions made in haste will only lead to disastrous outcomes, if you ask me. And about being dumb about $$$, Dave Ramsey always says that if the man on the street can't understand it, then it's not worth understanding or buying into!!! Love that man.

Wes W. said...

Also, according to the latest census, there's only 300 million people living in the US right now. So, 700 billion, if we divided it equal among us would be...hmm. Math is involved. But you get my point.

holly said...

i certainly feel dumb enough to make it! in fact it is my dumbness that propels me forward in most things...

ps, wes, THANK YOU for helping me understand what they were trying to do in forrest gump, one of my all time least favorite movies ever ever made. it gives me the hives.