Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Face Recognition, Round 2.

Ok, so i've been determined to get a better celebrity face match than yesterday's Richard Stallman (see last post). Well, I've been failing. Here's my results so far. Not promising.

Mitch gets Heath Ledger, I get... some guy with a handlebar moustache. Nice.

Ok, so Robin gets some lovely Asian lady, then the program basically flips Lucy and I the bird. I challenge anyone to classify the three people I've been compared with so far as celebrities. And... Marilyn Manson? I guess it's the lack of eyebrows and the baby face? I dunno.

So, thinking maybe it was the beard throwing me off, I pulled an old photo of Kool & The Gang that someone "kindly" posted on facebook.

Result? 3 lovely actresses and NO FACE FOUND. C'mon!

Here is my last attempt, one in which I have collected for you the top ranked faces that mine looks like (according to this site) just so you can understand what a face like this is made up of, "celebrity" style.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness!
I am laughing my freakin' butt off, Wes!

It seems to be getting worse for you with each try. I think it is the facial hair that is dooming you every time. The whole Marilyn Manson and Lucy thing might just be reaping for Erin constantly telling me that my sweet little Brendan looked just like Star---the Audrey Hepburn of Chihuhuas!! ;)
For the record---I see no more Marilyn Manson in Lucy than I did Star in Brendan!

Tony said...

Wes, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I did it and it said that I matched Mariah Carey so I'm not to sure about the accuracy of the program.

Angela said...

I got Molly Ringwald??? Score!

I still can't get the thing to work for me.

Angela said...

How did they match you with an Asian guy? Wouldn't you be the opposite of Asian?

jwolf1976 said...

You do share a mild resemblance with Colin Mochrie. Ain't no way Mitch looks anything like Heath Ledger. He conveniently "forgot" who the rest of his matches were.

holly said...

wes o my lord. thanks for making my saturday chuckleful! i have always felt a thin thread of destiny with hayden pan---?? ever since "ice princess" i think. or maybe it was "bring it on again and a few more times after that".

holly said...

ps have you ever CONSIDERED a handlebar moustache?? you never know..

and after realizing at last the angst my photo post was causing i thought to remove it, but now its on this blog so ...i hope its ok if i keep it up! holding onto good times..