Wednesday, April 9, 2008

LOST: Libby with the blankets.

So, one last LOST thought for the day. Remember in the last episode, how Michael was in the hospital after crashing his car? And Libby came in to bring him blankets, and then Michael woke up and it was a bad dream? I just heard an interesting theory on that from a Lost podcast.

Apparently, when Michael's dreaming, the medical equipment is different than when he's awake. It's older and more dated. Check the pics below. The theory I heard says that this wasn't just a dream, that this actually happened and Libby was his nurse the first time he broke his back getting hit by a car, way back in Season 1's flashback.


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Robert said...

nice catch. why aren't I sharp enough to notice these things by now? Have i learned nothing in 3 seasons?? Worst. Lost. Viewer. Ever.