Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally! Time Travel.

Well, last night's LOST was pretty spectacular, I thought. Time travel was fully introduced, which was a little crazy but I was secretly hoping for it anyway. It was bound to happen at some point, given the vast history of the island (The Black Rock, The Statue with Four Toes, etc.) and given that Walt came back from being gone a short time much taller than he was before. There were hints all along, but last night time travel came out in the forefront in a confusing and exciting episode.

So, now that the time travel discussion is valid, and other things have come to light, here are some LOST theories and guesses from my brain:

• "WHAT BEN CAN DO" THEORY: Ok, so Ben's got a lot of passports and Miles said last week "They don't know what you can do." So my guess is that what Ben can do is that he's gained control over the ability to travel through time off the island and can shoot his time traveling consciousness all over the place. Maybe the passports he had are from different times as well as places? I think he's used this skill to raise money on the stock market and betting, etc. Maybe he even traveled way into the past and had to find the island again by boat, namely the Black Rock. Perhaps he called himself Alvar Hanso then. Maybe not. But, time traveling could at least explain why the photo of Ben that Miles had looked like it was from the 70s.

• WALT'S DEAD BIRD THEORY: So, I'm guessing Walt's specialness has something to do with time travel as well. Except he can project his consciousness, not just travel to other times that he's lived through like Desmond. Perhaps he can send others through time as well? That would explain how he killed that bird back in Season 1 or 2. Maybe he's causing them to time travel and they're having Aneurysms, like the lab rat in this week's episode.

• THE STATUE THEORY: A couple episodes ago, Sawyer suggested to Locke that they shoot off Ben's toes until he gives them some answers. Could Locke finally resort to that as a solution soon? Let's say he shoots off one of Ben's toe. Then, sometime later, Ben escapes through time back to an earlier part of the island's history. And the original inhabitants build a statue in his honor. A statue with FOUR TOES.

• THE MAN ON THE BOAT THEORY: Here's my guess to who the "man on the boat" is. I think it's Charlotte. Yes, Ben shot her. But if they worked it out in advance, he would know that she had a bullet proof vest on. And now she's cleared of all suspicion. The other reason I think it's her: She was the only one from the freighter to hear Ben say that he had a man on the boat. Later, she talked to the freighter on the satellite phone, but conveniently didn't mention that she had learned there's a mole on the boat. Suspicious.

• THE ADAM AND EVE THEORY: The old skeletons the crew found way back in Season One will turn out to be either Jack and Kate from the future, or Penelope and Desmond. I would prefer the later, actually, because Jack and Kate are a terrible couple. Perhaps when they eventually get back to the island, they arrive WAY in the past.

Anyway, just some guesses. Such a fun show. One question, though... Desmond is Daniel's constant? Didn't Daniel say it had to be someone he really cared about? So... Daniel really cares about Desmond? Not sure about that. Surprise folks, HE... REALLY... CARES... ABOUT.... DESMOND!

(trumpet swell, tinkling sound) LOST logo.


Davis said...

Have you seen this?

Amy said...

That episode is SO stinkin' are your theories, btw. Shane and I were freaking out last wednesday b/c time travel is really the only way that so many of the random things on the island can all come together cohesively.

LOVE your Lost commentaries!