Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST: one more thing...


Um, this morning I went to the excellent Lost site Lostpedia and learned that it wasn't Jacob sitting in the chair in Jacob's cabin when Hurley peaked in, it was Jack's Dad, Christian Shepherd. Um. Wow. See photo. That fits in with my theory, which is that everyone on the island has Dad issues, Rich Dad issues often, and that those Dads are somehow behind this whole island experiment or whatever it is.

More support of that theory will debut on on Monday.'s been hosting these lost Missing Pieces, tiny 2 or 3 minute bits of Lost that take place at different points through the first 3 seasons. There's been some silly fun ones and some more interesting pointed ones. There was one where the others were responding to Walt's specialness while they've got him locked in that mysterious room. Then there was one where Jack meets Ethan for the first time. There was even on that seemed kind of uninformative on the surface: Jack's dad gave him a stopwatch as a wedding gift. I suspect, however, that the watch has some tracking device in it, or something that has to do with keeping track of Jack while he's on the island.

So, all that is to say on Monday the last of the Missing Peices episodes will be revealed, and it's going to be a doozie. See, you can read about them in advance on Lostpedia, because people with Verizon or something can watch them on their cell phones before they debut online. And this one gave me goosebumps AND supports my Jack's Dad theory. Check it out at here, at your own risk. All I will say is that it stars Vincent the dog and it takes place seconds before Jack wakes up from the crash way back in the very first episode... And it's mindblowing.

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