Saturday, February 23, 2008

Soon I'll be selling star maps

I'm in LA right now for work. Today is Saturday, though, so it's been mostly a free day. I'm staying right near the ocean, which is nice, and after having spent the last few days cooped in edit houses I thought it might be good for me to go out for a walk on the beach. It's been a while since I've spent any time admiring the vastness of nature that God created, and all that, so I thought now would be a good time.

I had walked about 100 yards, admiring the ocean & enjoying the new Rikki Lee Jones album on my way... when I saw a private party near the beach at a hotel. It was for the IFC Spirit awards, signs told me, and it was very private. I thought, "Wow, there might be someone famous there." Then I checked myself. Here I have the entire ocean by my side, a beautiful strip of beach, and a nice blustery day. To spend it looking for celebs seemed wrong. So I looked back out at the ocean and kept walking.

Well the ocean was nice I guess, but then I turned my head again and I had come upon a tent. A tent housing the actual IFC spirit awards. And limos were pulling up to get people. There were about 30 people gathered around a partition, but it was barely a crowd. Hmm, I thought, well, I'll just take a peek. I walked up next to the partition and was about 30 or 40 feet from the limos.

When Javier Bardiem walked out. Followed by Brad and Angelina. Right near me. Well! I thought. I'll just stay a tad longer. (Here's the lowdown: Brad's hair was cheesy, Angelina's hair was hiding her face, Javier was shorter than I thought and was scarier with a bowl cut.) I was hooked. Instantly a guy from Jiffypop walked by and offered me and everyone else some popcorn. I declined, thinking, that's weird, I'm not actually at the movies. But, as more and more celebs came out I kinda wanted some. I'm sure there's a conspiracy there somewhere.

By about 15 minutes later, I had seen Matt Dillon, Ricki Lake, and Dustin Hoffman. I pulled out my cell phone and tried to take pics but all I got was shots of their cars because for some reason my cell phone camera makes things look farther away than they actually are. I wondered in the back of my mind if God was like, great, thanks for enjoying nature and all. I doubt he's sarcastic like that, but as I turned back towards the hotel it did start to rain.


holly said...

wes, erin filled me in on your matt d. sighting in a message today...did you give him my phone number..DID YOU??? that's what friends are for, man!
tex and i, riding off into the sunset..
how did you pass up the jiffy pop?!

holly said...

i think that's what god is really saying...