Monday, February 18, 2008

Ten Things I would like to happen on LOST.

1. Someone explains where Richard Alpert and the other Others have been since the end of last season.
2. Someone just even throws me the smallest bone and just says, "Wasn't it weird how there was a four toed statue?" C'mon guys, just a reference to the statue. You don't have to tell me where it came from.
3. Danielle Rousseau's flashback, where Montand loses his arm.
4. Ok, A flashback for the statue, where you tell me where it came from. That would be cool.
5. All the survivors get together and have a meeting. Everyone states what weird things they've seen on the island. Then, they all agree: This is a weird island. If you see something strange: TELL EVERYONE IMMEDIATELY.
6. I get an explanation for all those "Quarantine" signs on the hatches. 'Cause right now it seems like the writers dug themselves a hole on that one.
7. Hurley learns more about the numbers and Libby while back in the mental institution.
8. Karl falls off a cliff.
9. A flashback for Cindy Chandler.
10. A flashback for the real Henry Gale.

I also will accept a flashback from the crew of the Black Rock, Kelvin, and Radzinsky, and Patchy. Also Mr. Friendly, now that the post mortem flashback precedent has been set with Naomi.

That is all.

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