Sunday, September 23, 2007

I drive bad.

I just got blog-tagged by my friend Angela, which is something I didn't even know could happen. Apparently, it can; and for this particular tag, I have to post about my worst bad habit, then challenge someone else to do the same. Hmm. Thanks, Ang.

Thinking my wife would know my worst bad habit better than anyone else, I decided to go and ask her. She told me, then got really excited about it and listed several more, so I had to remind her that I only needed to hear about the WORST bad habit and after that she could keep it to herself, thank you very much.

So, according to Erin, my worst bad habit is my driving. In particular, the slowness of my driving. Something about my ability to go from 60 to 35 without even noticing it, especially if I'm talking.

She's not the first to criticize my driving techniques (as I prefer to think of them). My friend and coworker Mitch once approached the subject from a different angle: "You don't really drive in the direction of where you're going, you just start driving and turning and eventually work your way there on a random path." Is that bad?, I thought... but I couldn't really defend myself to Mitch because once at work I didn't pull up my parking break and my truck rolled around the parking deck until it stopped somewhere on his car's bumper.

I guess I should have realized it before now, but it's actually taken me a while to accept that I'm not the fastest (or best) driver. I remember going on a cross country trips with some friends, where we would all rotate driving to make it there through the night. Oddly, my turn never came up even after everyone else had 2 or 3 turns. I guess no one likes to meander Whitener-style.

Fine with me. My only defense to complainers is that I just don't like driving. At least, I don't like driving fast. I like to take my time with the windows down, listening to music. Concentrating on where I'm going or how fast I get there sounds like hard work to me.

It's all about the journey, man, not the destination.

So, that's my bad habit. In return, I "tag" my friend Chris Glenn. Sorry man.

My advice: don't ask your wife.


holly said...

my sister was all too eager to list a few things i didn't realize were bad habits..

Wes W. said...

To set the record straight - Wes did not ask me at all. I read Angela's blog and then told him without a doubt that slowing down to 35mph from 70mph in 3 seconds while driving on the highway was definitely his worst habit.

Wes W. said...

Hey -I'm Erin W.- not Wes W.!!

holly said...

erin, unfortunately i made the mistake after being tagged of asking jenni what she thought my worst habit was...after the first two i was like, never mind, i'll figure it out!!:)