Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Job is Weird.

Recently we tried to win the Domino's pizza account at my work, which meant we had to come up with a new tagline for them. Currently their tagline is: Get the Door. It's Domino's. which isn't all that bad, really.

Anyway, writing taglines is mostly about writing really bad ones until someone else comes up with the one they go with. That's been my experience, anyway. But I think it's kind of fun to try.

Here are my favorite rejected taglines Mitch and I came up with for Domino's Pizza, most of them rejected for good reason. Here goes:

Let us in your house! We're covered in cheese.

This slice of pizza is your ticket to funtown. Seriously,
hang on to it.

Open up! We know you're in there! Because you ordered a pizza.

If you're boring and lame, please don't call for our awesome pizza.

Legally, we can't bring all these pizzas to your house unless you call first.

Knock Knock. Who's there? It's pizza.

We await your orders.

Pizza is imminent!

If your pizza is cold, we eat it in front of you to punish ourselves.

If you ever open your door and don't see pizza, you should call us.

AND, my favorite:

We're going to take a slice at you.

There you have it. So, I guess my point is I get paid to do this.
Oh, and also we didn't win the account.


Angela said...

This actually reminds me a lot of coming up with taglines for the sermons at church. My favorite of ours so far is "Wedding Crashers: Overcoming pitfalls that jump out and attack your marriage like ninjas and/or wolves in sheep's clothing." :)

Angela said...

Wes, I hear the faint sounds of crickets chirping every time I visit your site these days...

Scarlet Snow ::mike:: said...

Dominos tagline.

We already know where you live.

I think it's a warm encouragement, much like the mafia. Pizza. Mafia. Hey, it's also a stereotype, we ALL know that Ad guys love a good stereotype.

Wes W. said...

We actually wrote that line before for an online yellow pages service:

We know where you live.

We also had another version, which I enjoyed:

We know your query.