Friday, September 7, 2007

Keeping Austin Weird.

It turns out that the town of Austin is in full support of a guy dancing around town in a Kangaroo costume playing Australia's national anthem on a keytar.

Let me back up.

As most of you may know, Austin's unofficial motto is "Keep Austin Weird", emblazoned in sticker form across cars, minivans and your average station wagon covered in disco balls and flowers with a statue of a mermaid on top.

I've only been living here a year now, but I have to say, like everyone else in town, that you get used to it.

"A guy crossing the road on a scooter wearing a batman cowl, a tiny batman doll's body strapped underneath his chin? Of course. That makes perfect sense."

"An 80 year old man sticking his head out of the back window of his pickup, consoling a giant caged exotic bird with cooing noises as he plummets down the highway? Naturally."

"A guy jogging in a diaper? It must be noon already."

I've seen all those things and it barely stalled my conversation each time. Ok, except maybe the guy in the diaper.

Well, I'm proud to say I've done my part to keep the legend going. Last week we had to film a commercial here in town where it totally made sense to have my friend Mitch dress up in a Kangaroo costume and dance around various Austin landmarks playing the Australian national anthem on his keytar.

Some other cities wouldn't put up with that crap.

Not Austin. People were driving by, honking their horns, giving us enthusiastic thumbs ups all around. "Yeah!!! That's right!" One guy yelled. Cheers poured out of another car full of folks. I'm not sure if they knew what they were in full support of, exactly, but they were definitely behind it, 100%.



Angela said...

Just the fact that he had a keytar gets my total seal of approval.

Pat and Tonya said...

okay, but does Austin have an 8-track gorilla?

I think NOT!